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FITLETE Technology
-Technology Supporting Small Business in the Fitness Industry

Fitlete Was officially founded in May 2013 but, started as only an idea expressed on a few sheets of loose leaf paper stuffed into a binder of thoughts.
We have seen a tremendous boom in consumer friendly technology that can be used in aiding someone on a fitness journey; from wearable tracking devices, nutrition tracking apps, social fitness and goal tracking technology. All of these are great improvements for someone who wants to improve their fitness on their own but, does little to assist the professionals in the field. Some of them even attempt to eliminate the professionals all together by claiming to be "personal trainers in your pocket/on your phone."
Quality fitness professionals have a hard enough time separating themselves from the snake oil salesmen as it is. The last thing you need to is to compete with something that claims to do what you do, even though we know it never could. There is an art involved in delivering fitness, it is not just the science, numbers and program forming auto generating algorithms. It takes a connection to your clients to deliver a practical solution they can actually use to achieve their goals. Anyone can take the science available around fitness training and create a program but only quality professionals can sculpted a program that is a masterpiece for the individual needs of their clients.
Our Training app is going to allow the professionals to do what they do best on a broader scale and in a more efficient way.

FITLETE Resources

-Resources Supporting growth and development in a dynamic industry
We Love technology at Fitlete but we know that owning, managing and maintaining a career in the fitness industry is more than just technology. It is about developing a brand, running a business, improving your education, networking and of course delivering results for the world to see.

That is why we have been building Strategic Alliances with amazing companies that offer great products and services for professionals in the fitness industry to take advantage of. Our Alliances between companies are more like friendships in that there is no other agenda outside of providing greater opportunity to the professionals in our industry. Some of our alliances have a direct connection to fitness while others will assist you with business tools and solutions for running and expanding your business.

George Pagan III
Founder & President

-Strength and Fitness Specialist, CSCS

Hello, I'm George. I hold a degree in Sports Medicine and Health Fitness (B.S.) from Westfield State College. As a professional in the Health and Fitness Industry, I see the imminent but solvable problems we face. To start solving these problems, I founded Fitlete in 2013.

I would like to think Fitlete captures the same passions that drove me to excel in the health, fitness, and sports performance fields. Dedication, commitment, hard work, patience, and character are what we strive for at Fitlete. I must admit that as a child I did not appreciate the value of exercise. It was not until I began to play sports that I realized to succeed at anything, I would have to focus on improving through hard work and effort.

When I tore my ACL, I relied on those same core principles I built into Fitlete in order to will my way back to a strong and healthy knee. Eventually my meticulous work ethic soon went to work for me as a personal trainer. Now I am leading in the Health and Fitness Industry. Through Fitlete I aim to improve the performance of our industry through coordinated efforts and leverage technology to address the needs of fitness professionals. On a side note, my favorite leisure time activities are of the artistic nature. I enjoy painting with acrylics, air brushing, sketching, and cooking...I make my own bread from scratch.

How We Have Progressed

Every FITLETE project is ongoing, growing and improving daily. Here you will see some of our more monumental/impactful moments.

May  13, 2013

The idea becomes reality

With the help of a trusted friend, and the support of my future wife FITLETE, LLC became a reality. I could now help fill the gaps in the fitness industry and support fitness professionals.

 December 2, 2013

Resource Network Goes Live

The Resource network was how we wanted to build relationships with companies in and around the industry while also connecting with the professionals that work day to day training clients of all types.

February, 23, 2014

Training App Research & Development

The Personal Training App market is growing and we need to make sure we perform our own due diligence. Our focus is to enhance the experience of the professionals creating the training experience first. 

July 10, 2016

CEU Events Directory is born

Wasted hours looking for continuing education opportunities local to me, I needed a better option so, I created one. The first year had 300 events now it's 2,600+ events and growing each year all in one website. It is currently in it's 3rd version and it's amazing.

November 12 2016

Testing Branding Fit Pros On demand

It's simple. I wanted to get some gear branded for myself, but did not want to pay for a bulk order of products that I would never use. I started manageing e-commerce storefronts for free to training businesses to test the companies I found who print custom products without needing bulk orders.

April 26, 2017

First Expo Event Display

FITLETE set up shop at the relaunch of the IYCA event series in Detroit Michigan. A 3 day event where we were able to interact with fellow fitness and performance specialists and introduce them to what we are doing.

April 26 2017

First Expo Event Display

FITLETE set up shop at the relaunch of the IYCA event series in Detroit Michigan. A 3 day event where we were able to interact with fellow fitness and performance specialists and introduce them to what we are doing.

February 1, 2018

Projects Restructured

We have made user experience improvements that have helped us to no only deliver a better product unify our projects under one singlular membership. 

March 10th, 2018

Branded Personal Trainers Initial Release

We have closed the beta tested stores and are now giving everyone the ability to easily build, maintain and provide branded promotional products the most budget friendly way possible.


The Future awaits

We are constantly growing and making sure we are able to provide solutions you need. Who knows where we will be in the future.


I'm George Pagan III- Say hello if you ever are in Miami Florida. I love meeting new people over a coffee or workout.


Current and future Members Worldwide provide assistance and feedback to deliver the best products we can.

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FITLETE was born & and developed in Miami Florida
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