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A Fitness company improving the fitness industry for the professionals within it

Providing technology and business resources

Supporting small business in the fitness industry

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We are improving the way you train.
Whether it is a team of athletes or a handful of everyday athletes, building programs is seamless.
Real-time updates let you quickly track client progress, now you can be more responsive to their needs.

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A Free Resource Network that provides a trustworthy gateway to improving business operations by building relationships.
Enhancing continuing education and professional networking Opportunities.
Creating a community Unified in improving the Fitness Industry from within.

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Work with us to make improvements to the fitness industry by sharing your support with your colleagues and friends

FITLETE Training App

What does The best Coaching, Training plan, or Diet plan mean if you can not actually follow through with it?
It means NOTHING.

Start building Programs that are optimized for life.

With FITLETE you can create programs seamlessly for personal, remote "on-line", small groups and teams. With a deep exercise library and optimized periodization, updates can be done on the fly to adjust to your clients needs. When a client checks in to work out, you can track progress down to the set and see when they crush their goals. Remotely training clients has never been easier. Send videos, pics, or even instructions to each other.
Let's face it, life is a mess and we all have hectic schedules. Kids home early from school? Meeting moved up at the last minute? Fitlete smartly optimizes your workout for the day when you're running short on time. Travelling and stuck at a hotel with a sub-par gym? Fitlete will recommend similar exercises if certain equipment isn't available. Get the most intense workout no matter what life throws your way, without straying from your plan or goals.
Whether it's a smartphone or tablet, every screen size gets a consistent experience. Training in a basement? Don't worry. We store data on the local device until you come up for air. Real-time syncs keep you in constant contact. Need to analyze? Trainers and clients can extract data in a variety of formats. We also encourage staying connected via social media, so share away.

The App Is Coming Soon

Stay Up to date with Progress alerts and Join our Community of Fitness Professionals who will impact the final product. Making sure you have what you need to deliver the best service for your clients


A Networking Community of fitness professionals to represent the vast number of small businesses within our industry. Our goal is to provide our members with resources that bring value to your growing business and educational needs.

We Love technology at Fitlete but we know that owning, managing and maintaining a career in the fitness industry is more than just technology. It is about developing a brand, running a business, improving your education, networking and of course delivering results for the world to see. We are here to help represent the individual as a collective group. The Fitness Industry is full of independent and small business owners; we want to represent you and allow you to grow without struggle.
Our Free Membership offers full access to a list of Resources we have compiled through Strategic Alliances with players in/outside of the fitness industry. The Alliances you see in our resource network have the mutual understanding that there will be no commission, kickback or fee to keep up our relationship. We both agree that this type of relationship will always be in the best interest of you the professional.
Our resources include:

  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Business Management Tools
  • Personal Training Tools
  • Brand Marketing/Advertising Tools
  • Social Media Services
  • Existing Technology Introductions
  • Product Discounts
  • and More

While we will make attempts at forming relationships that hold tremendous value, we value your opinions and suggestions. As professionals you are in the trenches on a daily basis running your business. There is no one who knows what you need better than you do.

Want your Voice to be heard?

You are in the trenches on a daily basis, help us make sure we are providing you the right tools.

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